Barefoot Books Direct Sales Support

Barefoot Books launched a multimedia training program for new direct-sales representatives anchored by a series 
of videos. This comprehensive sales guide extends the brand experience to screen designs, information graphics and live action. On location video shoots were carefully art directed to embody the Barefoot Books brand lifestyle and demonstrate effective visual displays and sales techniques. The videos are hosted on the Barefoot Books direct sales website along with offline printable materials to support the training content. Community feedback to the launch of the new starter kit and training program was overwelming positive. Activation of new members increased 142% over the prior year.

The Barefoot Books Starter Kit and Kickstart Bonuses were developed to increase activity and retention rates among new direct-sales representatives. Packaged in a fully-branded box that is both functional and fun, the Barefoot Books Starter Kit arms the new representative with everything they need to build their business and recruit team members quickly and easily. And the progressive Kickstart bonuses incent continued performance with free books and thoughtfully crafted extras like branded aprons and signage systems to help display growing product inventory at events. 

An extensive audit of direct-sales marketing tools — including end user input, competitive research and past materials — revealed the need for an integrated suite of customized collateral for event promotion, point-of-purchase and business organization. Inventory challenges and pricing concerns made print-on-demand delivery an ideal solution. Designed as a coordinated modular system, the sales materials are available on a dedicated Vistaprint shop that offers dynamic text functionality for maximum customization.
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