Barefoot Books World Atlas

Cover design and art direction for this premier title played up the immense reach of the Barefoot Books World Atlas with oversized, hand-drawn typography. Compass design elements and bold, radiating stripes help put the globe, teeming with charming information icons, in the palm of each reader’s hand and telegraph the interior’s vibrantly painted maps and child-friendly facts. 

Barefoot Books joined forces with a digital publisher, Touch Press, to develop the Barefoot Books World Atlas app for iPad. Sample screens were developed to provide creative direction to the TouchPress team. The app's intro animation helps to cross-market the book as it's cover art comes alive on screen. Given the rich content and spinning globe functionality, an organized user interface ensures young users would not be overwhelmed by the vast amount of data at their fingertips. The main navigation’s bold icons in the style of universal symbols contrast well with the hand-painted globe and lay the foundation for a clear hierarchy of actions. A simple grid system flexibly displays a wide variety of text and data, while travel-inspired buttons enliven the information and assist early readers. Final design and production of this incredibly successful app was completed by TouchPress. 

Barefoot Books’ first social media promotion aimed to strengthen brand engagement, to build awareness of the newly launched Barefoot Books World Atlas and to stimulate ecommerce sales. Hosted on the Barefoot Books Facebook page, the sweepstakes featured clear calls to action and vibrant graphics inspired by the World Atlas cover design. The three week promotion ended with a 112% increase in “Likes” (12,558), over 3,300 added emails and more than $24,000 in global ecommerce sales.

Role :: creative direction, design development, coordination with developers

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