Brahmin Prototype Store Design

Brahmin, a boutique designer and manufacturer of high-end leather handbags and accessories, turned to Arrowstreet Graphic Design to help translate the Brahmin brand into their first concept store design that would set the stage for all future Brahmin retail locations. Exploration started with the product line itself –– timeless designs in classic and contemporary materials. Inspiration boards with iconic customers and luxurious interiors define key brand qualities to guide the design process.

The store is designed in a classic camel and gray color scheme including gray stained wood and fabric wall coverings, with antique brass, mosaic tile and suede accents set off by a teak focal wall. The focal wall features exterior display vitrines and returns to become an interior focal wall, lending a sense of grandeur to an otherwise small space. The palette of luxurious materials in combination with custom fixtures and a refined logotype, creates a modern, elegant and welcoming space that reflects the style and sophistication of Brahmin’s product line.

Role :: brand strategy, concept and design development, project management

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