WBA Pattern Design

This carpet design and door graphic for a grand theatre on a cruise ship aims to express an aspect of the architect’s design concept of bioluminescence. The pattern is inspired by beautiful phtyoplankton blooms as seen from space as well as maps of the wind speeds and ocean temperatures that affect the shape of the glowing sea phenomenons. An alternate pattern took it's cue from macro views of the phtyoplankton as well it's floating movement upon the ocean waves.

For a more intimate, classical performance venue on the same cruiseship, the goal for the carpet design was to complement the space’s refined architectural features and the sophisticated musical talent it showcases. The final pattern is a modern interpretation of a Chladni pattern, named in honor of a 19th century German physicist who advanced our understanding of acoustics and the physics of music. Ernst Chladni would run a violin bow over a metal plate covered with sand to visually display the movement of sound. The sand concentrated in areas where the plate was not vibrating. Through this work, Chladni concluded that sound travels in waves. 

Role :: concept and design development, illustration

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