Evolve Magazine

Crossfit equipment company, Again Faster, wanted to launch a subscription-based digital tablet magazine that embodied the company’s tagline “Pursue Your Evolution”. Evolve magazine is a monthly journal featuring passionate articles, videos and photo essays about embracing challenge and the resulting personal growth. Since the magazine is not a direct marketing piece, it required it’s own look and feel that was complementary, but unique from the company identity.

The immersive digital experience starts with a full screen masthead identity activated by scrolling up to reveal the issue's theme and contents. Each month's issue balances the use of graphic standards for brand continuity with unique designs that visually translate the editorial concepts of each article. 

In order to deliver magazine content for smart phones, a single-article template was customized for in-house use that suits the smaller scale of the app, provides brand consistency and streamlines the production process.

Role :: art direction, concept and design development, photo editing, illustration, copywriting (titles)

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