255 State Street Mural

Property owner Pembroke Real Estate asked Arrowstreet Graphic Design to invigorate their storefront windows along Atlantic Avenue. Working with a small site footprint, AGD proposed a sculptural “sea glass” mural depicting swimming codfish, a subject close to the heart and history of Boston’s waterfront. 

AGD designers worked with twelve shades of tumbled recycled glass pieces to assemble an original illustration by hand, a meticulous process that took nearly 100 hours to complete. Over 900 pounds of tumbled glass went into the final design, which was then fixed in place by pouring layers of resin into each custom built frame. In addition, AGD coordinated all planning, budgeting, frame construction,installation and lighting of the final mural as well as a plaque explaining the mural process.

Role :: concept and design development, digital illustration, mural production (sea glass and resin), budgeting, frame fabrication and installation management

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