Barefoot Books Product Collateral

Designed as a year-long sales and reference tool, the Barefoot Books Complete Catalog is the company’s most important piece of printed collateral. When past editions did not sell as expected it was time to rethink the piece entirely. The size of the new catalog grew to include a flexible grid that accommodates the addition of new release photographs, larger backlist cover images and pairings with complementary non-book product for an organized and merchandised feel. Full bleed artwork and silhouetted spot illustrations are sprinkled throughout to create a layered, keepsake experience. Finally, an index by title, country and contributor was added to provide users with an indispensable guide to the complete product offer. The new catalog design received overwhelmingly positive feedback from direct-sales and trade representatives and required additional print runs to meet demand for the 2010 and 2011 editions.

To meet the additional need for high volume and cost-effective marketing collateral, a coordinated system of Barefoot Books product flyers were developed. The range of merchandised categories allows direct-sales and trade representatives to focus the brand offer to their target audience or to share fresh marketing material throughout the year. The dense, but organized layout presents end consumers with a rich retail experience and the simplified product numbering replaces ISBN information to streamline the purchase process on the included order form. Finally, the branded look and feel of the system complements the entire suite of company marketing collateral, including the website and complete catalog, for an integrated visual presence.

Role :: brand strategy, creative direction, design development, print production

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