WBA Brand Brochures

Wilson Butler Architects (WBA) design experiences for a variety of arts and entertainment clients. Expanding on the existing company identity — logo, color palette and typography — as well as a recent website relaunch, the branding communications were an opportunity to bring the down-to-earth company personality to life in targeted print pieces. 

A promotions brochure introduces existing and prospective clients to the depth of the company's talent, instilling confidence in the whole team. Photo-booth style headshots and Q & A style interviews accompany typical bios and reinforce WBA's brand promise of a personal and fun working partnership. 

An experience design capabilities piece was developed as a conference marketing tool. The folded posters were easily packed for traveling and served as a mini brand brochure and portfolio, perfect for face-to-face networking events when telling the brand story quickly is essential. The compact form allows the piece to be left with prospective clients at conferences or included in formal qualifications packages by mail.

Role :: creative direction, concept and design development, copywriting, print production

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